report of Cork ULA public meeting on abortion rights

Good turn-out of about 40.

Presentations by Clare Daly focussing on her private members bill and Dr. Mary Favier focussing on the wider context.

Both very good presentations and I have to put my hand up and say that despite my recent criticisms of the SP for dodging the issue in their election material, Clare and all SPers who spoke from the floor were very much on message as regards a women’s right to choose and for free abortion on demand (even if they didn’t use that exact phrase).

Only one anti-abortion nutter spoke from the floor which made my job as chair pretty easy. He tried to heckle a couple of times but didn’t challenge my authority when I told him to keep quiet.

A good discussion from the floor as well which was able to develop without the distraction of the anti-abortion lobby playing silly games. Strong feeling that there should be a campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution that inserted Article 40.3.3 that directly defends the right to life of the unborn and that the ULA should take a leading role in this.


1 Response to “report of Cork ULA public meeting on abortion rights”

  1. April 25, 2012 at 11:10

    Actually on reading the leaflet the SP were giving out after the meeting last night I see that it explicitly calls for “free, safe, legal abortion on demand, provided through a public health system”.

    That is great to see but it does make me wonder why less than 2 months ago the Cork SP comrades complained that my original motion to the Cork ULA branch on this issue, that contained a reference to “free abortion on demand”, was too controversial and they urged me to replace the phrase…

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