agenda for ULA conference

10am-10.30am                Registration

10.30 am- 13.00             The crisis and resistance to austerity

Five min contributions from the speakers below followed by open discussion
a) Cllr Brid Smith on the crisis
b) John Halligan TD
c) Speakers invited from Vita Cortex / Irish Cement strikes
d) Speaker from the Campaign Against the Household and Water Taxes
e) Paul Murphy MEP on the Austerity Treaty
f) Thomas Pringle TD (to be confirmed)

13.00-14.00pm            Lunch break and meeting of non-aligned members to elect representatives to the Steering Committee

14.00-16.00                Building the ULA, including the report on the Sub-committee on structures
             Reps of PBPA, Sligo Socialist Group, WUAG and SP and non aligned ULA member followed by open discussion

16.00-16.20                 Break
16.20-16.30                 Report on the election and the new steering committee
16.30-17.00                 Conference sum-up by Seamus Healy TD, Clare Daly TD and PBP TD

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