Joe and the Labour Party

Watching Joe Higgins on Vincent Browne tonight and while I thought he did pretty well generally I was disappointed to hear him arguing that the Labour Party had been established to replace the capitalist system with socialism.

Those SPers who consider themselves to be members of a revolutionary socialist organisation might do well to ask themselves why their highest profile public leader is spreading these kind of false illusions in reformism.

It was howevet great to see the other Joe, Costello, floundering over trying to square the election claim of “Frankfurt’s way or Labour’s way” when compared to their complete and utter complicity in implementing the programme agreed by FF with the Troika.


2 Responses to “Joe and the Labour Party”

  1. April 22, 2012 at 22:15

    You may want to read up on your history there, the LP that was set up by Connolly and Larkin to fight against Capitalism and for Socialism.

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