Galway branch of ULA plans counter-conference to Labour Party national conference on 13/14 April

The national ula email has advertised this event as follows:

Galway ULA alternative conference
The Galway ULA branch is organising an ‘alternative’ conference to coincide with the Labour Party one, which is due to be held at NUI Galway on the 13th and 14th April this year. The event will include a range of discussion topics and a social function on the Saturday night with live music and comedy. Those of you who wish to find out more and intend to travel and need help with accommodation should get in touch with ula.galway@gmail.com (Please use the Subject: ‘Counter-conference’ to help)

Here are the details being distributed by Galway:

The Galway branch of the ULA recently discussed the idea of holding a major event in the city to coincide with the Labour Party’s National Conference, which will take place at NUI Galway on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th of April.

It wass proposed that the Galway branch, if possible in conjunction with the ULA nationally, organise and host a two-day ‘alternative’ conference to coincide with the Labour Party Conference, which is due to be held at NUI Galway on the 13th and 14th April this year.

The Labour Party will celebrate its 100th Anniversary at this year’s conference and will seek to use this event to claim the mantle of Connolly and Larkin and the legacy of the Lockout, the Citizen Army and subsequent labour agitation. They will do this in order to deflect attention from their absolute complicity in an anti-working class regime.

We must deprive them of this opportunity, and turn this conference into an opportunity for the ULA to promote its alternative vision and to make our arguments to a working class that is feeling leaderless and lost.

The proposed ‘alternative’ conference would be open to the public and would take the form of a number of public meetings on various themes as well as a number of ancillary or fringe events. The conference would be advertised nationally, amongst ULA members, other activists and campaigners, and locally in the press and amongst our contacts.

An event such as this will gain a lot of publicity for the ULA, for our arguments and for our vision. It will also put into stark relief the duplicity of the Labour party. There will be a huge media presence in Galway that weekend, and we can be sure to steal Labour’s thunder and attack them head on.

I know the Right to Work campaign have a march organised for the Saturday, and I think the march and the conference could work really well together.

I have included a sample schedule to give you an idea of what we are proposing and identify potential talks/speakers. None of this is organised, nor have speakers been approached yet, so I’d ask you not to publish the draft or circulate it too widely, in case it would put anyone on the spot. We are first trying to gauge interest and solicit suggestions and advice.

What do you think of the idea overall? Please get back with any advice, criticisms etc. Also if there are any talks below that you feel you would like to contribute to please let me know.

Thank you,
Conor McGuinness
branch sec, ULA Galway


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