my election statement for position of non-aligned member on the sub-committee looking at organisational questions

This afternoon I received a call saying that as someone nominated for one of the two non-aligned members of the sub-committee set up to make recommendations on organisation of the ULA would I be able to write a short (200 words) piece about myself – to be sent in to ULA head office by this evening.

So here is what I submitted:

Alan Gibson, Cork branch, alan.bolshevik@gmail.com

The type of organisational structures that we create in the ULA will lead directly into the type of political organisation we build. My document (“For a Revolutionary Socialist Programme” – https://revolutionaryprogramme.wordpress.com/for-a-revolutionary-socialist-programme-2/), written for the national gathering last June, outlines my general revolutionary socialist political perspective.

In Cork Women’s Right to Choose, my leadership role in the Campaign Against the Household and Water Taxes and collaboration with others in the ULA, I have worked with a wide variety of different forces in the Irish workers’ movement in a non-sectarian and principled manner.

The socialist transformation of society is inconceivable without the existence of a party that unites the most militant and determined working class fighters into a single disciplined movement capable of providing effective leadership for all those who suffer under the existing capitalist state. A healthy socialist party can only be created if there is a lively culture of political education and discussion, with all members free to argue for their views, individually or collectively, subject only to their willingness to abide by the democratic decisions of the majority. I am committed to begin the process of transformation from an alliance into this kind of party.


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