Formal announcement of ULA conference

Received the following announcement via email this evening:

United Left Alliance (ULA) Conference

The Steering Committee of the United Left Alliance has called a conference of all members of the ULA for Saturday 4th February from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

The Conference will take place in Dublin and is open to all members. The venue will be confirmed in the next few days.

Since its foundation over a year ago the ULA has made major gains and has now established itself as a real force in Irish politics. While the ULA is an alliance of the founding groups; People Before Profit, The Socialist Party and the Tipperary Unemployed and Workers Action Group, new people have come into the ULA since then and it continues to grow around the country. As attacks on working people and communities continue there is no doubt that the need for an organisation such as the ULA has never been greater.

The Conference will be an opportunity for activists to came together and debate the issues facing us in building a new radical force in Irish politics. It will provide an opportunity to flesh out the founding programme and debate the future for the ULA. It will also allow us to share experiences in developing and running branches and campaigns.

The Conference will have four sessions:
Session 1: Building The Fightback Against Austerity: The Left Alternative
Session 2: The Crisis in the Euro and the EU Austerity Treaty
Session 3: Fighting the Household Charge: Building a Campaign that can win.
Session 4: Next Steps for the ULA: Building A Radical Force in Irish Politics

Each session will be introduced by a small panel of speakers. This will be followed by an open discussion with the aim of maximising the opportunity for members to put forward their ideas.

Branches are encouraged to meet prior to the conference to discuss the issues facing the ULA. Branches should encourage as many members as possible to attend.


So not a delegated conference, no motions and no election of the steering committee – with the membership limited to “putting forward ideas”.

So more-or-less exactly the same as last time and no movement at all towards the creation of a party – what a joke…


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