Short report on Cork ULA branch meeting – Tuesday 4 Oct

At 18 the attendance was down on the last couple of branch meetings but on the plus side there were 6 women which is the best gender split so far.

Two agenda items – the general political situation (including the upcoming Dublin West and Presidential elections) and finances.

There was a minority who argued for a vote to David Norris for President. I argued against this on the grounds that he wasn’t a working class candidate and that was a prerequisite for even considering giving critical support. Others who argued against a vote to him, including SP members, did not agree with this criteria and could see a potential basis for voting for Norris, or any other liberal populist candidate, if they were getting a lot of “anti-establishment” support from working people – a position of fairly crass opportunism in my opinion.

The SWP comrades seemed to think that Ruth Coppinger has a real chance of getting elected in Dublin West while the SP are more cautious about her chances, which they think would be more real if it was after the budget. A small dispute broke out over priorities for the branch in terms of mobilising people for trips to Dublin events in the next period. Everyone agreed that the priority should be the ULA initiated national demonstration against austerity on 26 November but as regards an event in October the meeting was split between the SP suggesting people should go up to do canvassing for Ruth on 22 Oct and the SWP suggesting attending the Enough! demonstration against the IMF on 15 Oct. The meeting agreed a compromise of people going to the one they personally thought was the priority. My choice would be the canvassing as despite my criticisms of the SP’s election programme it is at least a ULA action unlike the Enough! demo which on the basis of my attendance at a previous one won’t even have a separate ULA presence at it. However as I’m out of Cork on the 22nd I won’t be going to either of them.

Other than that the Campaign Against the Household and Water Tax was confirmed as the main activity of ULA members in Cork in the coming period.

Finances are dire – there is going to be a fundraising table quiz in early November which it is hoped will get us into the red.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 1 November.


2 Responses to “Short report on Cork ULA branch meeting – Tuesday 4 Oct”

  1. October 7, 2011 at 18:42

    Just wondering if there was any talk of engaging with/organising on campus in Cork?

    The presidential election is there purely to provide entertainment. Vincent Browne mowing them all down with a investigative tommy-gun was a delight.

    Coppinger definitely has a great chance of winning the seat. It’s very close. Nulty from Labour is the only formidable challenge, though it is perhaps more apt to say he is the favourite. Good reputation locally and one of the 3 or 4 social democrats left in the Labour Party. The problem is that he has already confirmed he will vote with the party in all matters making him entirely pointless. Transfers will decide it.

    I’m happy to say the ULA is full behind the election campaign, daily canvassing from all over the wider Dublin area involving all alliance components. Getting our 6th TD could be our “Pearse Doherty-moment” and really reignite the movment.

    • October 13, 2011 at 22:37

      There has been no discussion about organising on campus – my fault as much as anyones for not raising it but will do so at the next meeting on 1st November.

      It would be a big boost if Ruth could make it – if only in terms of getting some movement towards a new party.

      The ULA initiated national demo against austrity on Nov 26th will also be a big test of where things stand. Hopefully we can build that into something huge.

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