Question the SP can’t/won’t answer…

In the Politicalworld thread that developed in response to my posting about the Cork ULA’s summer holiday (www.politicalworld.org/showthread.php?t=8956) I criticised the SP for having a programme for the socialist transformation of society that was essentially reformist despite their personal pretensions (quite often honestly held) to being revolutionaries.

The SP members and supporters who post on this web forum of course cried foul but none of them were so bold as to even attempt to answer my simple question (that I repeated 3 times):

“would you please give an alternative explanation of the difference between reformist socialism and revolutionary socialism”

Of course attempting to answer such a question is dangerous for SPers because it is difficult (impossible?) to do so without criticising, at least implicitly, the concrete programme and actions of the SP.

But still I repeat the question here (and therefore automatically on facebook) in case any SPers feel they can provide an answer and in the hope that those SPers who do consider themselves to be revolutionaries might start to think about why it is not possible to answer this question without criticising the concrete programme and actions of their own organisation.


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