SP reply to SWP on national forum


I think this is a generally accurate critique of the SWP and would agree that:

The more the ULA and its representatives are explicit about why the capitalist market has no solutions and why socialist policies are necessary, the better. The more the ULA helps popularise the socialist alternative, which is an essential task if society is to be changed, the sooner such change may become a possibility.

To try to build the ULA on the basis that it doesn’t outline the socialist clauses and measures necessary to break capitalist control and really change society will inevitably result in a failure that the working class can’t afford.

However I can’t help noticing the following:

“In the general election, the Socialist Party put forward a whole series of very concrete demands on a whole range of issues, but that didn’t in any way stop us from also advocating in straight forward language socialist change and the key measures necessary to bring that about.”

How exactly did the SP election material outline “the key measures necessary to bring that [socialism] about”?

They tell us that:

“That will only happen if the major economic resources, including the gas and oil resources off the west coast are taken into democratic public ownership and management and used in a planned way for people’s needs not short term profits.”

“End the abuse of wealth by the capitalist establishment. Take the economy and natural resources into democratic public ownership and plan the development of a real manufacturing base, sustainable jobs and a secure future for all.”

“Establish a new party for working class people.” “None of the Dail parties represent working class people, (workers, the unemployed, pensioners and the young). Labour accepts the market. Sinn Fein is implementing huge cutbacks in the North. Vote United Left Alliance and help found a powerful new party to represent working class people.”

“For a government based on working class people that implements socialist policies and puts people before profit.”

Despite arguing against a reformist road:

“Capitalism can’t be part abolished and the disaster of such a reformist proposal was graphically shown by its collapse into counter reforms and sell-out by the French Socialist Party in 1981 and PSOE in Spain in 1982.”

The SP’s election manifesto, and their programme in general, only outlines aspirations about the key elements of what the socialist policies of a workers’ government would entail. They have NOTHING to say about the key questons of HOW the working class would come to power to implement these policies and when that is presented in the context of the elections to the capitalist parliament that can only imply a reformist strategy.


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