“Historic task of the ULA” by Joe Higgins


Unclear to me from this article what concrete steps, if any, the SP see are needed to help take the process forward.

It seems to be that the argument is to hold the ULA as an alliance until an unspecified time in the future when significant sections of the working class have moved into taking an active part in class struggle and only then can more democratic and inclusive structures be developed.

If I’ve got that right then this leaves unresolved what role, if any, there is for individual members of the ULA in shaping the policies and tactical decisions. Will the structures of the “alliance that one day might become a party” reflect the publicly stated aim of the ULA being “membership-led”? And if so how will that manifest itself?

Will the SP/SWP support individual members organising along the lines of the email list initiated on the We are ragbags blog?


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