Report on 18 April ULA public meeting in Cork city

Last night I attended the Cork city ULA public meeting to launch the new branch structure. An audience of around 50 people heard Claire Daly and Kieran Allen argue for an organisation of struggle that would be moving towards the creation of a new workers’ party after a process of discussion and debate over the coming period. This new organisation will be controlled by the rank-and-file with a non-sectarian culture of discussion and debate.

Kieran Allen spoke forcefully that in response to the “class war” that has been launched by the capitalists in response to their economic crisis the working class needs a socialist party and that should be our open aim.

With only a couple of slightly dissenting voices about using “archaic” language that might put people off the meeting enthusiatically supported this persepctive.

Two concrete proposals were put forward by the local interim steering committee. That we organise a ULA contingent on the upcoming May Day march and that the new branch have monthly meetings starting with one in the 3rd week of May. both of which were approved by the meeting.

I distributed copies my document before and after the meeting, presenting it as a contribution to the discussion noting that I hoped to see many other such contributions, when I spoke from the floor to support the initiative.

I did question whether monthly meetings would be appropriate for “an organistion of struggle” and instead proposed fortnightly meetings. This will be discussed further at the first branch meeting in May.

So I’m now a card-holding (well I would have been if the cards had been at the meeting…) member of the ULA pre-party semi-alliance.


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    April 19, 2011 at 22:38


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